How to make the perfect margarita

Featuring the often misunderstood tequila, the classic margarita cocktail is the perfect drink to enjoy on a hot summer’s day, or sip ahead of a barbecue.

Bold and zingy in flavour, it strikes the perfect balance between sweet and sour, thanks to the combination of orange liqueur and fresh lime juice. Once you’ve given your cocktail a good shake, don’t forget to run a lime wedge around the rim of your glass, then dip it into salt for the perfect finishing touch. Cheers!


1 part Cazadores tequila
½ part triple sec liqueur
1 whole lime
cubed ice

  1. Start by chilling your glass – the easiest way is to fill it with ice, or if you’re super organised, pop it into the freezer 30 minutes before you need it.
  2. Fill the jug of a cocktail shaker with ice, then pour in the tequila and triple sec.
  3. Squeeze in the lime juice, pop on the top part of your shaker, then shake hard for about 30 seconds to mix it all together and chill the liquid really well.
  4. Run a lime wedge around the outside of the rim of your glass before rolling the rim in a little fine sea salt.
  5. Double strain the cocktail mixture into your glass, and enjoy.

Watch Jamie show you how it’s done in this video, or for more tequila-based inspiration, check out our Drinks Tube friend Simone Caporale whip up a delightfully fruity tequila sunrise.

8 Most Exotic Cocktails in the World

Want to improve your barmanship skills? Check out these succulently fruity cocktail recipes and turn your home into an exotic island paradise!

Drinking alcohol is one of the best feelings ever.

Want to wow your party guests with your superb cocktail-shakin’ abilities?

Bring a taste of the tropics into your home with these 8 easy-peasy cocktail recipes that will turn you into the coolest kid in town!


For cool and sophisticated types – re-live your travels through Asia with this delicate lychee cocktail.

Ice cubes
6 oz vodka
4 oz lychee juice
Splash of vermouth
2 lychees for garnish

Fill cocktail shaker with ice, add the vodka, lychee juice and vermouth. Shake until chilled. Pour into martini glasses and garnish with lychees. Add an orchid for added beauty.


Like to live the high life? Made from laraha fruit grown from the island of Curacao, a Blue Lagoon will transport you to the turquoise waters of a Caribbean paradise far away.

Ice cubes
2 oz vodka
2 oz blue curacao liqueur
Maraschino cherries for garnish

Pour the vodka and curacao over ice in a highball glass. Top up with lemonade and garnish with cherries.


One of the most famous cocktails in the world, and the official drink of Puerto Rico – the Pina Colada is for people who know how to spell F.U.N!

Ice (optional)
3 oz of white rum
2 oz of dark rum
3 oz of coconut cream (in a can)
2 oz of double cream or whipping cream
6 oz of pineapple juice
Dash of angostura bitters
Maraschino cherries to garnish
Pineapple slices to garnish

Pour all ingredients into a blender and mix for 15 seconds (with or without ice). Pour into a hurricane glass and garnish with pineapple and cherries.


Tahitian for “out of this world” the Mai Tai is for lovers of all things kitsch. This Polynesian-style drink is not to be missed. It’s been around since 1944 for a reason!

2 oz of light rum
1 oz dark rum
1 oz of creme de almond
1 oz of triple sec
Sweet and sour mix
Pineapple juice

Pour the light rum, crème de almond and triple sec, in order, into a collins glass. Top with equal parts of pineapple juice and sour mix. Add the dark rum and serve unstirred.


An international icon, the Daiquiri was hurtled into stardom by the El Floradita bar in Havana, Cuba. If you like to see and be seen, this classic cocktail is the one for you.

Crushed ice
2 oz of dark rum
0.5 oz of orange curacao liqueur
6 oz of mango chunks
3 oz of sweet and sour mix

Mix up the rum, orange curacao, mango and sour mix with one cup of crushed ice in a blender. Pour into a tall glass and garnish with a mango stick.


Also known as the Maiden’s Prayer, Between the Sheets is a flirty cocktail for sexy people!

Ice cubes
3/4 oz light rum
3/4 oz brandy
3/4 oz triple sec
1/2 oz lemon juice
lemon twists for garnish

Pour ingredients into a cocktail shaker with ice cubes. Shake well. Strain and pour into a martini glass. Garnish with the lemon twists.


Commemorating the illegal smuggling of alcohol during the years of prohibition, this cocktail is for the mischievous amongst you!

Ice cubes
1/4 cup of rum
1 tablespoon of coconut rum
2 tablespoons of banana liqueur
2 tablespoons of blackberry brandy
1/2 cup of sweet and sour mix
1/2 cup of orange juice
Dash of grenadine
Orange and lime wedges for garnish

Pour the rum, coconut rum, banana liqueur and blackberry brandy into a tall glass full of ice. Top up with the sour mix and orange juice. Add a dash of grenadine and garnish with orange and lime.


Served in a coconut in the Bahamas, this cocktail will bring the taste of the tropics into your home (even when served in a glass). For laid-back people who value the lazy side of life.

Ice cubes
1/2 oz coffee liqueur
1 oz dark rum
1 oz coconut liqueur
1/2 oz 151 proof (high proof) rum
Juice of 1 lemon
8 oz pineapple juice
Maraschino cherries for garnish

Pour all ingredients into a cocktail shaker with ice. Shake well. Pour into a collins glass with cracked ice (wrap ice cubes in a tea towel and crush with a mallet). Garnish with cherries.

Which cocktail is the one for you?! Give these recipes a try and let us know how you get on!